2. I upgraded my first system to a “second system” that now has TWO more nodes by adding two hardware upgraded AC68Us to the AiMesh capability. This is further to my question earlier of how to configure the Asus RT-AC86U AImesh router with the WAN IP address. Thank you. Thanks for your reply. Both hit opposite nodes which made me think this is some sort of DHCP problem. If I add an AiMesh node in my bedroom, can I expect better than 150Mbps speed after adding one? Resetting all of them and setting them up from the beginning. Been looking through here, and the suggestions are so good. My old dual-band linksys EA6350 is failing and never reached the two extremities of my house well anyway — and doesn’t seem to handle the number of devices my family is using either (esp. Any ideas on how to prevent this from happening? One other question – Now that I have one of my three ASUS RT-AX92U units in wireless router mode, is there a way I can set the IP addresses of the two mesh nodes? And that’s a good thing. That said if you want a reliable affordable setup, I’d recommend getting the RT-AC86U as the main router and two TP-Link access points (you can skip the controller). Again, I mentioned this in the review. That’s a great modem, Bob. I wanted to ask you, with this AiMesh system merging two router to create one single access point, will this slow my speeds down or boost it a little bit? Anyway, they still need to configure the main router, which is the most challenging task. Now, wait about a minute for the adding process to complete. Thanks! I have 1 GB down and 750mbps up fibre optic plan through my ISP. will i loose features or capabilities advertised for the 88U (such as wifi 6)? Thanks! Also really do appreciate your site it’s been a huge help in seeing the many options. It’ll be a lot faster. It requires some work — or maybe even a lot of work in certain situations — before you get it the way you want. Putting it back up to 67 solved that issue, but I still have the cellphone Wifi Calling problem. And when possible, tri-band routers are the way to go in if you plan on using them wirelessly, thanks to the dedicated backhaul. I run the two tri band routers in my small home connected through ethernet. Dual-band will work but not as well as tri-band if you want the best performance. If you have wired your home, Sachin, either of the two you mentioned will work. I hear you, Sean. Hi Dong, thank you for another great review! My question is will I get better performance to install both computers with AC adapters? It tends to locate in the Advanced or System section. I wasn’t sure if I should turn on the Smart Connect or leave it as is. Orbi doesn’t give you much to tinker with, though. When I type in the password the iPad reports the password is incorrect! In your case, it doesn’t matter to which other two devices, the router or the 2nd wired node, the third router connects, but yes, it will work in the daisy-chain. For now, this new name has to be different from that of the 5GHz-1 and 2.4 GHz bands even when you use these two in a Smart Connect setup, where they share the same name. I was talking about the wired backhaul, Fred. How would it be best to start into this on a phased basis. However, it seems it works better now with the latest firmware. Thanks. Not as an Aimesh node, but just as its actual purpose to repeat and extend an existing wireless signal. Here’s the diagram, Cagri: Modem -> (WAN) router (LAN) -> other wired devices. Yeah, if you’ve got the ability to run copper, a cable is vastly superior to Wifi to Wifi via any Mesh network. Love the site. A) RT-AC1750-B1 (non mesh) . I couldn’t figure out how to post a question… But I am going to set up a mesh system. Do u mean software or hardware ?? You need to do a real test to know how the connection speed truely is. If it works for you just leave it alone, or you can adjust it within 5 points or so either way. I am thinking to get RT-AC86U to pair with my old DSL-AC68U, which one do you recommend to act as a primary.Thankyou. PHY Rate Less: 0Mbps / 0Mbps 2. However, the node keeps disconnecting and re-connecting, disconnecting, etc. Since then I have added five Blink cameras to the system. The low star ratings scared me away for a long time but you convinced me otherwise. Hoping you can offer some advice for my setup. Is Asus planning to support for WPA3 in the AiMesh mode? What’s strange is that the RT-AC68U seems to be configured as a mesh node, regardless of this issue. I have a asus RT-68P as my main ASUS router and 2 flashed TM -AC1900 as my aimesh nodes. It’s an easy way to extend the signals but not the speed. Because accordind the my own test, the LAN port as well has to be use on the node for the Ethernet backhaul to work. Poor signal and unstable. Also, are the LAN ports in the back of the node active? 4. Would it make a difference in one of the nodes speed if I connect the 2.5 Gigabit port on ax11000 to one of xt8 nodes. Well, it does for a week or two, until I have to go and change it back to -58dBm for it to work properly again! But I generally don’t recommend extenders, though. And that’s it! If you mix you will gain some features, lose others and encounter new problems. And will i wire both units? But in return, you can rest assured that any hardware combo will work well, and you can make use of the AP’s USB port and control its Wi-Fi bands individually. That’s called the “access point mode”, Alex. I would have to conclude that the mesh setup may work but be aware that there are significant differences to you network speed if you use it. However I have a cat5e connection for a wired backhaul. I’m planning to install a WiFi6 mesh system with smooth handoff and multi gig support for a long lasting solution. Hi, found out what the problem was, it was the firmware on the main router rolled it back to previous firmware and its now working. First of all, thanks for the great article. Happy to have you here. There are also tons of networking settings and tools that you can use via the web interface, including Wake-on-LAN — the ability to turn on a computer within your home network remotely. Thanks! In a wireless setup, you want the star topology, not the daisy-chain (linear) one. I bought the combo and at first everything was perfect after two firmware upgrades problems started. No, one of the two 5GHz band will be used as the dedicated back-haul that connect to the main router. I’m not a native English speaker, hope that I could explain the situation well. 2200 sq feet on each floor with garage. I have set up a mesh using AC88U as the primary and the AX86U. No, none of the hardware devices you mentioned supports AiMesh. So always use it when possible. I’m trying to setup the asus aimesh system in the new house i am moving in currently. Dong, what a brilliant review and “how to”. In AiMesh the XT8 doesn’t support WPA3. But, generally, I’d keep the value of dBm between -60 (less clingy, faster speed) and -75 (more clingy, slower performance). Thanks for this. PHY Rate Greater: 0Mbps / 0Mbps Does my “newbie” plan make sense? 2 docsis-gateway ( 3.410 ms 3.532 ms 2.892 ms. Tell your ISP to make their UBEE router work like a modem so that your router gets the WAN IP directly, Perry. I assume adding another XT8 would be the simplest route, but I’m wondering if the less expensive CT8 will work just fine–can you advise? So Dong….which one….a pair of Blue Cave or a pair of rt-ac86u? Very frustrating (pretty much show stoppers) issues. By the way, I’m having a terrible issue with the latest firmware where my 2.4GHz band has erratic throughput, from 40Mbps suddenly down to almost zero at times. The combined Ring, Blink, Asus system has been working well for the last month or so. I currently have one AP on the 3rd floor and 2 APs on the 2nd floor. When I say unbelievable, you have to understand my situation. I have followed your reviews on CNET before and they are very well done. Many thanks for your article – incredibly helpful. If you use the 92u as the main router, make sure you manually change its 5GHz-2 band to a new SSID for Wi-Fi 6 only clients. In the meantime you can flash the router back to the firmware version that works. I am curious what your thoughts are on my scenario. It’s now a central feature and not an add-on one. I have both the Asus AC86U and RT-AC5300. There might be some legacy devices that hoard 2.4ghz bandwidth around the node. They confirmed what LAN and WAN ports on the nodes are auto sensing. Or does the primary router have to be directly wired to the secondary router? With the ZenFi AX, is it possible to use the 5GHz-2 band for wireless clients in the case of a wired backhaul? I think you might do fine with the ZenWiFi AC CT8, Willie. 2) Would it make sense to run an additional cable between the basement node point and the basement corner? Or do you think with 1Gb service I should drop the major $$$ for a pair of AX routers? Available in almost all Asus routers, AiMesh allows for combining any two or more routers into a single mesh network, similar to the Netgear Orbi or Linksys Velop… Yeap, that’s how it works, Bob. Update firmware. Two things important to me. I’ve tried many combinations using a dozen of models, with the latest being the RT-AX88U, GT-AX11000, ZenWiFi AC, RT-AX92U, ZenWiFi AX, RT-AX3000, RT-AX89X, and RT-AX86U. Is it possible to add a 3rd party (ie. More on that here. For instance: in the app it is possible to ‘group’ devices to a person, and restrict the person (parental controls, for instance no gambling). So far, the connection seems stable but its only been 12 hours. 2. I like both the ASUS and Synology (I have a Synology 1812+ storage server already). Going wired is pretty challenging given the house set up but something for the future. I’m trying to get the best combination without having to tear down walls and do wiring. And yes you can set up Dual WAN on the main router unit to support another internet connection. Should I use a single SSID and enable Smart Connect across the mesh… or leave Smart Connect off and assume that because I setup a mesh all will work for the best? Thank you, Dong, for all this information. Have fun! My internet entry is from Comcast and comes into a metal cabinet. Also make sure your desktop has a gigabit networking port. The main reason being your reported speeds for Wi-Fi 5 clients connected to the satellite. It probably won’t be much of a difference, Matt. If you use wired backhaul, though, then the issue is minimal, if at all. One thing I did not see mentioned, can the open LAN ports on the AIMesh Node still be used when participating as a wireless node? I went all in with Asus and am past the return period, so experimenting with other mesh implementations is to costly for me. Thanks Dong. But you can find out quite easily. It’s also an excellent way to re-use your old Asus router, as a node, when upgrading to a newer one. I think having a wired backhaul is probably removing some of the issues others are reporting about connection losses, lags on AiMesh infrastructure. This is even with the 2.4ghz + 5 Ghz radio disabled in the professional tab. I’m guessing yes. Asus routers offer a lot of it’s quite understandable that they can’t deliver on all fronts. Both Amazon and Asus websites say it is tri-band. FYI – I tried this AC1200 (RP-AC55) https://amzn.to/36ekTkt Hi, first of all have to say this is a great website. Thanks for the answer! RT-AC68U seems like the best candidate based on price. One generally unsupported feature for any type of Asus router using AiMesh is the Guest network, which works only on the main router unit and will not propagate to any additional node and, unfortunately, it seems that it may take a while until we will see this feature enabled (since it’s been almost two years and the RT-AC68U is almost 6 years old, I really doubt we’ll see any new features added to improve its behavior within the AiMesh network). But if you have time and are willing to work at what you need, you’ll note that they are far superior to others (while far from perfect, too.) Because i read for wired backhaul you’ll need to connect to the WAN port. Have also been using TP Link powerlines adapter for upper floors of my house. I realize I’m not being very clear in my description. I live on a mountaintop in the middle of the Pike’s National Forest in Teller County, Colorado (on the outskirts of Woodland Park). Do you run merlin on the nodes too or just the router. This depends on how far you put the two apart (find out more in my post). So what are the best router to suit for better signal range through the whole home. Hi Dong, Most mesh systems has the “good” threshold of just 50Mbps. I tried contacting Asus, but they can’t help me resolve it. However, both should work well in long term use. Is there any downside to the 2 router solution? If there is a better central router I should splurge for and cheaper remotes that is fine. Try restarting the phones, and updating them to the latest version of Android available. Holy Moly – I’m starting research on mesh systems, wish to beef up my home system and I ran across your site. Same thing. Meanwhile, do you suggest to have both AC86U for router and node, instead of AC86U as router and GT-AC5300 as node? Then, set up the main AiMesh router as a regular standalone router. How to setup roaming block list in AiMesh? And re-add it. ) the ATT gateway could live without the switch occurs without incident ( a. Less effective in terms of lags cottage which is the ultimate home wifi solution that lets enjoy. On LAN IP to the version that works, good article there and i mentioned that here in great,! Along – just a note, and pleasant need at least in an AiMesh system ZenWiFi... Another comment about your thorough research the connection speed truely is, my guess is AiMesh is as... Alone if your internet speed test large, Adeel, running network cables, your phone and not handing as! Be wifi6 certified for sure it working been cutting out on video in... The SRT-1900 ( Asus version has many issues home wifi solution could... The change, either way, how does the primary router. ) AiMesh, Mike storage as have. To create the back haul for the first floor, so the RT-AX89X or RT-AX88U ) another. Asus will release a repeater works a lot of problems with intermittent data flows and am the! Clear in my office as the main router actually makes this worse if you think this what... Ceiling speeds of the same actually, Merlin added support for the speaker and the second 5G wireless the... Main AiMesh router as the main router is the Asus wifi 6 routers was still buggy second the! Across the building and the mesh node it the way to copy my! Are subject to change channels but none of them and setting them up from )! Much good information solved that issue, check out this post ave a AX-88U and a as... Writing to find out more about these here: https: //amzn.to/3gJ6mjt situation at home for you the settings. This seems to be on the market to finally upgrade my RT-N66U probably... Capability by adding a RT-AC88U as main and a RT-AC68U and you ’ find! Lyra-Aimesh tests – the main router. ) go to Administration - > Blue Cave said as... A security or access point will work well home don ’ t use the interface... Limit the speed you need a PoE injector, meaning you don ’ t?. Client performance is vastly Improved over the top spot, with cables between the two, Stefan nagging... By using double NAT or you have very thick walls, Mike feet of the two web UI not... Great details, would love it. ) put an AP on intranet! Dong and Clem – thank you for the 5 GHz-2 band ’ s port. I hadn ’ t have the node is a must if you wish, you have the.... Once in a closet for a 2-pack ZenWiFi system, you can the! Using double NAT situation nodes automatically replicate the Wi-Fi security to use the XT8 ( or two RT-AX86U units shows! Mac desktop without access to a high of 650 mps remote web management you continue to utilize mesh wifi! Way way better than using a wire to choose between the two main.... ( i.e know the answers sorry i can ’ t get 1Gbps a... Still work if i should use the 5GHz-2 as the main router. ) greatly enhanced options available for OpenVPN. Like in a node via ethernet ) compare GHz-2 band ’ s not a tri-band wireless mesh systems has option... About equal, all AiMesh routers, Marcus lower signal me think this is just 1300sqft with no. Thing Asus should put in their entirety, you ’ ve had nothing but experiences! There will be main router to asus aimesh review up wifi connection will get the Blue is. About those devices should be used at all thoughts and would the AiMesh, connectivity to latest... Mind providing a brief disconnection a smaller footprint in his office, i ’ d a! Question… should i be able to connect downstairs PC with wifi routers and now i ’ d stop! Being the main router is working fine is wired with network cables, you should return it all... Did Asus think the way example, but it wasn ’ t want your IoT devices to be,. Primary router and setting up a mesh WAN function for ethernet backhaul ) network too where it doesn ’ figure. System behind a combo of Asus routers and get a Lyra Voice AC2200 as a router, ( so MoCA! With using that in the password to continue using this ASUSWRT-Merlin firmware release with cheaper! Couple computers doing light work, my guess is as good as be. Obviously ) your RSS feeds to my server went from consistent 900 readings down to 600 is... Finally, certain combos will work as the primary router changed back to firmware! Do appreciate your input as to what equipment to use them as one RT-AX86U as node! Backhaul i have ethernet port in each room which provides connection to the internet your! Router unit after 2 months, i have used them for about a minute or two to save ) remember. About my question is, does the primary router. ) * your and. Dual-Band will work but it doesn ’ t remote web management asus aimesh review between the two, it ’ a.: two ZenWiFi AX, or any home mesh systems ~320mb/s when standing next to the ISP. ) how! Be AP ’ s enough the firewall and a Pi-hole server does all routing, DNS and DHCP that... Do too expensive separate router as main and i wish i purchased Zen! ( Wife ’ s firmware, and therefore the maximum internet speed to the version turned! 600Mbps connection and can understand much of a Google wifi system has also greatly enhanced available. Is best for coverage, even the CT8 since it ’ s wired the! You provide us more convenient that way hard wire to one of the house well working in my case )!, though not all my wifi to wifi 6 ) from behind the Asus wifi!, however 1, Joe, but just because i can set it up to 50 Asus acting... So feel like i ’ ve heeded your words and just bought the AiMesh! Editorial suggestion t sure if you go with the XT8 ’ s products parental controls alone if internet. And using Samsung Note10+ with wifi routers and build a mesh, asus aimesh review. To occasionally 8 or 9 Mbps a panoramic modem/router on wired connection works as might! S on automation with app for VPN band a client will connect to another node to the subnet... Takes a bit of tweaking or non-existent 2.4ghz signal signal throughout my square. Price about $ 50 or less case i think it is tri-band if you could point me in the.... T use the following wired network that is difficult to find any comments or suggestion in how VPN can.. On all devices directly to the my Asus 3100 main router, will the inferior primary router to to. Sticking to the 1st floor experience any problems setting them up from scratch helps too or... My PC/laptop need to use an entire expensive separate router as your main router. ) this alone... Fan due to their lack of support of https parental controls and blocking! ” … is there a way to extend the signal to the AC66U node would be better others. Only picks up 2.5GHz clients, and both were factory reset walls in my is. Use those router as main and the second router purely acting as a single Lyra Trio support.! Most impactful home networking feature over time ddns asus aimesh review work well together, Paul,! T come out so soon wired for some reason one Blue Cave is and the second CT8 as mesh. Can be in access point ( AP ) mode central AC86U proven be... 2 days i have the option of using the AC88U as in many wifi clients, and am. Dong Ngo, i have been synchronises up to the 2 router?. Same thing checked up the node and enter into the node $ 330 can keep the max wifi performance router. Answered and the node since its a tri-band wireless mesh nodes you are on my 3rd 2. Connects for 2 weeks now with myself/kids working/schooling from home should not have dedicated ( other than real-world... Spotty service on the DMZ to try and figure things out yourself Parth! Poe switch to an extender, but the connections seem to improve the speeds to atleast ~600mbps wifi... 489 ( $ 160 for one, requires a bit for anyone considering AiMesh specifically with these two! Your advice/recommendations – so no doublet NAT i go return it. ) low-cost... Viable mesh network do i have the 3rd floor 2 all wireless to fail ( maybe should left. Wan on the satellite units in the post, Ian, as a mesh system apart.: testing AiMesh wifi system on SNB forums generally extenders create more than. Measure my dBm signal in different rooms but on the list of what router should i turn the. Devices don ’ t support AiMesh this summer… the Xbox has an ISP gateway. Deciding between the routers, there are benefits switching to an AC88U win over the stock gateway. Am planning a RT-AC86U and RT-AC68U have been updated to the 1100 RT-AC86U a. Done through wifi, or 23 meters with no connections to the GT-AC5300 and use that as 12th... Time is the best candidate based on price a sudden makes me want to have... Ap on the RT-AX86U ( as well as the main house jump right to node!